Friday, May 15, 2009

More life

The people have been blessing us immensely with food and hospitality. Mandy (right) and her sister-in-law Raishma came over and cooked for us one day some guyanese specialties- I forget the names of what they made, you'd have to ask Ellen because they're funky. But, the one was like a breaded mashed potato. Like bread stuffed with mashed potato and fried. It was good. The other was a banana bread-ish dough that you drop in oil and fry, so it kind of looks like doughnuts. Yummy.
Ellen and I enjoyed it.
Pastor Katryan took us out on Tuesday and we visited MANY places here. One place was the school he designed and was the architect for. It is a nursery school, so 4-7 year olds come here. They are the cutest things you ever saw, especially in their uniforms. They were shy at first, but once they warmed up to me and I went down on their level, they loved me.
I will miss beautiful scenes like this. I am soaking every chance I get to view God's beauty. I took this picture while sitting in the car waiting for Pastor Katryan as he was doing business with someone. I think coconut trees are one of my favorite things to look at. They are so relaxing and exotic looking...
Ellen with Shannon. I posted Shannon with me, so I figured You'd like to see Ellen with this adorable little girl. Off to the market to pick up some last gifts to bring home, then cleaning our house all day.
Home soon-4 days...if our flights all work out, which I'm doubtful. But that's ok.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


We're wrapping up our time in Guyana, and many people here are responding with gifts and inviting us to spend some last time with them. Most of our time is booked from now until we leave here, and this doesn't allow much time to think about blogging....
We spent half of Wednesday with Mala, a lady from the Corriverton church, and the other half of the day with Emily and her daughter Shannon, who is in this picture with me. This little girl is so beautiful! We had a good time with both of these people, and it made me sad that we're leaving.
Jason, (the boy in the red shirt) is our next-door neighbor, and he had a birthday Tuesday that Ellen made a cake for and we celebrated with him. Ellen was teaching him and his cousin, Sarah how to play that pushing game where you stand with your feet together and have to push each other's hands and knock the other person over without falling or moving your own feet.
In the Hammock is Raishma, and Emily, Jason's mother and sister. We have so enjoyed spending time with this family, and go over there fairly often to eat, hang out, spend the night, etc. They are really kind to us, and are sending many things home with us. We had a bush cook there last night, and in this picture they are eating the cook-up. It was a very fun evening.
My last day of teaching was today, and I tested my students on the Geography we've been learning for the past month. They did really well on the quizzes! They had so many questions and didn't want me to leave today. They asked WHEN I'm coming back, not IF I'm coming back.
It's funny how you can spend only 4 months teaching students and get so close to them. Some of these kids have become special to me, and I will really miss them. I think they look up to me so much, and I try to be aware of my actions and how I am treating and dealing with people. I don't want to lead them astray.
Teaching was a good experience for me- I learned!! I think I got a little more strict than I used to be, and a little more no-nonsense, but today my students told me that they like me because I don't yell at them or hit them if they don't understand something, I explain it to them. They think I'm easy going and relaxed with them....whatever.
They asked me when I'm getting married, (they know Ellen's getting married) and when I said I don't know because I have no guy interests, they asked, "Well are you going to marry a white guy or a Guyanese"? I told them I'm going to marry the man that God without a doubt shoves in my face. He's got someone for me, but I guess I never really answered their question of whether or not he'd be guyanese...oh well.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Books Burned To Date


Lots of Harlequins, anything sexual or containing language was discarded. Now we need some more books to go into those empty shelves. Some GOOD books for the Baptist Library.

Time to go assist with the teaching upstairs.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Wednesday

I went to bed at a decent hour Tuesday night, I knew I wanted to be up early.

I woke up at 5:45 and got up, read for a while, prayed, wrote a few letters, then had some breakfast before heading into town to renew the fitness for the truck at the police station. It had expired the week before, so is illegal to drive. A "fitness" is just a piece of paper certifying that your vehicle is fit to drive and works properly. (Once, when pulled over for a routine check I was asked to show him my fitness. I had thought he wanted me to show him that I was fit enough to drive.)

I left the house around 8:00, took a tapir to the station, arriving there at 8:10. I had enquired about renewing the fitness the week before and was told that Wednesdays and Fridays were the only available days and that I could be there by 8:00. I walked into the station and told the woman sitting there why I was there. She let me know that the guy who processed the papers I was needing didn't come until 10:00. I was a bit upset and told her of the week before and the man next to me verified my story, he must have been there when I'd been there last Thursday.

I took a tapir home and kept myself busy until 9:50 and headed back to the station, on another tapir. I arrived and there were about 10 people standing around the vehicle control place just waiting. The man still hadn't arrived. All the waiters-in-line looked so peaceful and complacent. I sat and waited with them for a while until an officer walked up to me and asked what I was there for. When I told him it was for my fitness he then let me know I had to have the vehicle with me (duh!). I told him it was already expired though and the only way to get it to the station would be illegally. He gave me that silent nod and bit of a smile. So I headed back home on a tapir. When I returned at 11:30 there were at least 20 people in the line and still no sign of the only officer who could do what we needed done. I asked them if they every became impatient or upset with the lack of responsibility and confusion that goes on in these kinds of establishments. One man said it is frustrating, but there's nothing to be done. I asked him if complaining helped. He told me to go ahead and give it a shot. I was a little peeved.

I asked the lady behind the desk (who doesn't seem to have anything to do) why the officer wasn't there. She wasn't sure. I asked if he could be called/if he had a phone number and if I could have the number. She didn't quite know how to take me and ended up saying something like "he's got a cell phone, but can't answer while driving". I was still mad so I responded, "can he pull over??" She let me know they'd try to contact him. I went back outside with the rest of the group. I wrote more letters. I was then called inside so that a head officer could explain the situation to me. It was the same story the lady had told me. They didn't know where he was, when he was actually coming, and were attempting to contact him. It was kind of sad though because the same respect would not have been paid to the other men all waiting outside. I saw what happened when a man just dared to step inside the office with his hat on. One of the women snapped at him saying something like "remove your hat when you walk in here and show respect! Wipe your feet too!!" I loved the man's response to her. He slowly took off the hat, then turned around to look at the mat-less floor behind him, turned back to her and just asked how he was supposed to wipe his feet with no mat. The scenario was interesting to observe.

After this the same officer who had kindly told me I needed my vehicle with me spotted me and asked if I'd brought it back. Since I had, he had me pull into the compound and he proceeded to check the fitness of the vehicle. That experience was just funny. What do you do when the man is telling you to turn on you "headlamps" and your "trafficators"?? I managed. Then, as he went to the rear of the vehicle he asked me to "mash the brakes". I did. No lights lit up. So, all of the waiting and running was for naught.

I asked Mrs. Katryan what to do and she sent me to an auto electrician to repair it. I went, he told me to come back at 2:00 so I did. He repaired the lights but he must have majorly messed up something else because on my way home the driving got worse and worse and it was like I was breaking all the time. It got so bad that by the end of my drive home I could only manage first gear without it completely stopping on me. I never did get that fitness.

I guess I'm posting about this to just show you some of the frustrating everyday life that people here have to go through all the time. It's no biggie if you happen to have to show up at the post office to receive a package and sit and wait for it for 2 hours. It almost seems normal and expected. The most interesting part to me is that most of the people don't bring anything to do to fill in the wasted waiting hours. There needs to be some changes around here, I just wonder who's going to do it and when it's going to be done!

I'm really anticipating coming home now. I'm savoring my last days here, but our lives have kind of just been a little crazy for the past week. I guess that's because we lost a lot of the normal routine when the Hunters left. We're just trying to figure out where to live, how to get places, and what to eat now! The people have been very good to us though. I'm so thankful for that. Just last night one of the members from the church invited us into her home. One thing she mentioned was that "if I had my daughter far away from home I would want someone to take care of her and love her, plus, we're sisters in Christ!" It was really fun for me to see that.

Okay, I should get going. I'm at the Centre right now working on typing up the book list for Seema. It's the list of all the raunchy books we burned. I'll let you know the count once I finish typing it up.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wrapping Up

We have less than 2 weeks left.

It feels like it went from us having 3 months left to 2 weeks. The first 2 months were long, but after that time just seemed to fly. I'm trying to enjoy every moment....except the spider episode, and cherish the time here with the people. I have grown to love them so much, and will miss it here. Part of me wants to stay. I can do so much here! There is much work to be done, and the people respond really well to us here. I enjoy spending time with the church members.

We have been spending quite a bit of time with the members in their homes lately, and that has been good. I think they're all realizing we only have a couple weeks left. They have been so hospitable and friendly to us, I can't believe how kind they are and giving. They feed us SO MUCH! I think Ellen and I have both gained weight, but maybe not. It's hard to tell. She was wining about how she has flab on her stomach last night, then we worked out. I'm not sure if it all left yet or not though:)

We're eating lots of fruits and soaking up the papaya, pineapple, guava, bananas, and any other fruit that is native and fresh here! I will miss the market with all of the available fresh foods. We are singing quite a bit with people, teaching them our last few songs. Hard to think we're going home soon, but I'm glad- I would like to see my family again.


Today I opened Ellen's suitcase top to check something, and the biggest spider I've ever seen in my entire life darted in a split second over her stuff. I had a scream inside of me, but it wouldn't come out. I curled my toes and tensed up, like I always to when I'm scared, and slowly backed away. The spider was black, and oh man, creepy. I thought fast: "Ellen's gone, I'm here in the house alone, I guess I could go over to the neighbors. I NEED SOMEONE TO TAKE CARE OF THIS SPIDER FOR ME!!!" Then I yelled at myself. Grow up, Katie. Kill it. nope. Not happening. This thing moves WAY too fast to hit it and kill it. Then I remembered the brilliant fish spray that kills "all creeping creatures and insects". I wonder if big black hairy spiders fall under that category. Anyway. I got the fish spray can. Walked over by Ellen's suitcase. held the can out. couldn't do it. I prayed, I know, silly. "GOD!!!! Please help me to not be scared of this spider, I know I'm way bigger than it, and I really need to kill it right now. Please make it die." Then I gathered all the courage God sent my way, and sprayed like the dickens. The spider darted so fast I hardly saw it, and was on the wall now. I stepped back, still curling my toes and tensed up. Then I went out of the porch room and just thought. Nothing too brilliant was coming to mind. I was still scared. I went back into the room and saw the spider dart from the wall to behind her carry-on suitcase. God sent more courage. I sprayed, sprayed, and sprayed, nearly the whole huge can of fish spray all over her carry-on suitcase and in the air and all over the room. I saw the spider crawl out a little from behind her carry-on, and that's the last I saw of it. I shut the door to the room, and got my things ready to go. Called Ellen on the phone and told her about it so she doesn't get killed when she gets home because I sure won't be there to tell her about it. Then I went to Mandy's next door and asked through the fence that separates out house if they've ever seen such a spider. They all got big eyes and said, oh no, don't mess with that spider, it could kill you or make you really sick if it bites you. You would have to stay in the hospital for a few weeks at least. Mandy said it's poisonous, but she's never seen one in her house before. Great. She asked me if I wanted her brother to come over and kill it. I said no, he wouldn't be able to catch it. I'm a dummy. I should have said yes. I'm terrified to sleep in that house now. I check the floor every step I take now. I pray the fish spray worked and I'll go home from the Centre to Ellen telling me she found it dead behind her suitcase. I won't sleep until I see it dead.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pinata Busting Again

For some reason the Pinata Busting post showed up after a previous post so people who are notified of new posts through certain methods won't know it's there. Pardon me for adding this blurb to direct you to the post and pictures below.